Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

This website uses cookies to collect information. Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer or other mobile or handheld device as you browse this website. They are used to “remember” when your computer or device accesses this website. The cookies are essential to the effective operation of our website and to enable to you shop with us online. Cookies are also used to tailor the products and services offered and advertised to our customers, both on this website and elsewhere.

The table below explains the cookies we use and why.

Domain Cookie Name Information mage-translation-file-version Enables translation to other languages when requested by a visitor mage-translation-file-version Enables tranelation to other languages when requested by a visitor form_key A security measure that stores a randomly generated key an form submissions to protect the data from Cross-Site Request Forgery {CSRF) _ga Used to distinguish website users in Google Analytics, allowing us to monitor activity and help us to continually improve site usability _gid Used to distinguish website users in Google Analytics, allowing us to monitor activity and help us to continually improve site usability _gat Used to distinguish website users in Google Analytics, allowing us to monitor activity and help us to continually improve site usability mage-cache-storage Locally stores visitor-specific content to enable ecommerce (online sale) functions and make the page load faster mage-cache-storage-section-invalidation Forces local storage of specific content sections that should be invalidated and make the page load faster mage-cache-sessid The value of this cookie triggers the cleanup of local cache storage. When the cookie is removed by the backend application, the Admin cleans up local storage, and sets the cookie value to "true." private_content_version Appends a random, unique number and lime to pages with customer content to prevent them from being cached on the server mage-messages Tracks error messages and other notifications that are shown to the user, such as the cookie consent message, and various error messages. The message is deleted from the cookie after it is shown to the user. recently_viewed_product Stores product IDs of recently viewed products for easy navigation recently_viewed_product_previous Stores product IDs of recently previously products for easy navigation recently_compared_product Stores product IDs of recently compared products recently_compared_product_previous Stores product IDs of previously compared products for easy navigation product_data_storage Stores configuration for product data related to Recently Viewed / Compared Products store Tracks tne specific store view / locale selected by the shopper (this just means that we're running multiple websites and we need to know which one you're visiting so we show you the right products and pages) PHPSESSID A session cookie which allows the site to remember you as your browse. For example, if you add an product to your basket, this cookie ensures that the product is in the basket when you go to that page searchReport-log Tracks search queries to help us better understand customer browsing behaviors and continually improve website performance section_data_ids Stores customer-specific information related to shopper-initiated actions such as displaying a wish list, checkout information, etc

What are cookies used for?

The main purposes for which cookies are used are:

  1. For technical purposes essential to effective operation of website, particularly in relation to on-line transactions.
  2. To drive Hi-Tec Europe Limited marketing, particularly banner advertisements and targeted updates which are explained in more detail elsewhere in the Privacy Policy
  3. To enable HI-TEC® Sports International Holdings BV to collect information about the browsing and shopping habits and activities of customers, including to monitor the success of campaigns, competitions etc.
  4. To enable HI-TEC® Sports International Holdings BV meet its contractual obligations to make payments to third parties when a product is purchased by someone who has visited our website from a site operated by those parties.

What information are collected? 

Some cookies collect information about browsing and purchasing behaviour by people who access this website via the same computer or device.  This includes information about pages viewed, products purchased and the customer journey around a website.  We do not, however, use cookies to collect or record information on users’ name, address or other contact details.  HI-TEC® Sports International Holdings BV is able to use cookies to monitor individual customer browsing and purchasing behaviour but third parties are not able to identify individual customers using cookies.

Who sets the cookies?

The cookies stored on your computer or other device when you access this website are set by HI-TEC® Sports International Holdings BV, our suppliers who partner with us to help deliver a high quality website and on-line shopping experience and other third parties.

Some cookies are set by or on behalf of HI-TEC® Sports International Holdings BV and are necessary to enable customers to a make purchases on our website. Cookies may also be set by third parties who participate with us in affiliate marketing programs. 

How can I control what cookies are set?

By using this website, you consent to having the above cookies stored on your computer or device.

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit:

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites visit:

How do I disable cookies?

If you want to disable cookies, you need to change your website browser settings to reject cookies.  How to do this will depend on the browser you use and we provide further detail below on how to disable cookies for the most popular browsers:

  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer: Choose the menu “tools” then “Internet Options” and click on the “privacy” tab under "settings". In Internet Explorer 11, you should then select "Advanced". Edit these settings accordingly for your preferences.
  • For Firefox: Choose the menu “Options”, then select “privacy”. Select the relevant options for your cookie preferences under the History section.
  • For Google Chrome: Click the Menu/Tools icon (3 dots) on the toolbar and choose "Settings". Click "Show Advanced Settings" and choose "Content Settings" under the Privacy section. In the "Cookies" section, edit these settings according to your preferences.
  • For Safari: Click "Preferences" then "Privacy". Edit these settings accordingly for your preferences.

What happens if I disable cookies?

This depends on which cookies you disable, but in general the site may not operate properly if cookies are switched off. If you only disable 3rd party cookies you will not be prevented from making purchases on this site but if you have used a cashback site, your purchase will not be tracked and you will be unable to claim cashback. If you disable all cookies you will be unable to complete a purchase on this site.

Please note that if you choose to disable any or all of the cookies set by this website, some website functionality will no longer be available to you.

If you have any other questions or concerns please contact us.